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It’s Like She Gave Me a T-Shirt that Says “World’s Best Metamour”

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“It would be ridiculously nice not to have to worry about metamour drama. We both know how terribly that can go,” she wrote. “One of the reasons I would be open to exploring something with him in the future is because I know how awesome you are.” I’ve been a metamour (i.e., the partner’s partner) […]


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One of the things that’s very common in poly circles is the idea that multiple relationships allow you to meet different needs that are unreasonable to ask one relationship to meet. It’s often cited as not only the justification for expending more energy to maintain more than one relationship at a time but a reason […]

Pair of White Cards

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There are times when, for whatever reason, you end up at places you didn’t know existed. Part of this is undoubtedly the limited number of cultural narratives and how they butt up sharply against the richness and variety of actual life experience. And part of this? Life, at least the one I’ve lived, is twisty-turny […]