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Happy 2nd Birthday, Divorce!

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Despite the fact that I spent most of my life vehemently anti-divorce and swore I’d never get one, divorce was the best thing ever when I actually needed one.  It took an impossible situation and turned it into one that was challenging–but not impossible. You see, I’d stipulated early on in my marriage to Seth […]


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I was over poking around at the Pragmatic Polyamory blog this morning and edited a saved partial draft of an essay I’d been working on, which is reblogged below (“Coming Out”). I have to say though that the experience of reading the essays that Skyspook and I wrote for the site 3 years ago (some […]

Why am I Poly?

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Originally posted on Pragmatic Polyamory:
As a single male, I’m actually asked why I think I’m poly. After all, most people who are poly come into it from a marriage or other serious relationship. The relationship opens, and they explore from the base of this primary relationship. This situation seems to cover most of the…

Open or Ajar?

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I’ve been reflecting on polyamory again. Although Skyspook and I have been exclusive for over 2 years, we started out dating each other non-monogamously, and I had a decently sizable web of lovers before the shit really hit the fan. My ex-husband Seth and I opened our marriage after 8 years of being monogamous together […]