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Reflections on an Unhappy Marriage

Page   May 9, 2012   Comments Off on Reflections on an Unhappy Marriage

This is an essay posted elsewhere that I’ve decided to put up here so I can reference and refer to it – as it deals with some things I know I’ll be writing about in the near future. Until the divorce was finalized (an event that took place over a month ago now), I didn’t […]

Goodbye, White Knight

Page   May 2, 2012   Comments Off on Goodbye, White Knight

In February of 2010, I’m walking through the streets of Bangor late at night in 4-inch patent leather heels with a handsome man holding my hand, steadying me. He’s a friend I’ve made out with a few times. We’ve both had a fair amount of drink, left the party to take a walk for the […]