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Another View

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Skyspook’s reaction to “Desperation”: (12:18:53 PM) skyspook: I liked the post… although it sounds so sad. It was not your fault that you were desperate. Anybody would want out of the situation you found yourself in(12:19:54 PM) skyspook: Really, the dictionary definition is “having an urgent need or desire”. It’s only bad if you let […]


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July 9, 2010: There is a placefor the singlepeople – and ho are they? who am I I inventa person worthy of servitude – is there a line of pretenders .txt file authored when drunk * I am proud of my life now, the way I manage my days, take care of my body. I […]

Stranger in a Strange Land

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Sometimes I feel like I ran away to Ohio to join the sex circus. There was a birthday dinner I went to this winter for a friend of mine. I met up with a bunch of people at this great sushi restaurant on the East Side. There was my friend, her boyfriend, and her husband […]

Bad Poly: A Case Study

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How does a person who is polyamorous in spirit end up monogamous in practice? To put it mildly, I was party to some truly bad poly. And despite whose “fault” you think the whole thing was when the dust settled (I personally believe we all fucked up to varying degrees), I’m confident that everyone involved […]